Optimal-U Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Optimize Your Well-being 

with Nature's Rhythm


This is the Big SHABANG!!!!


Close your eyes and imagine how different your life would be, how you would FEEL with fewer aches and pains, less weight, better sleep, more energy, and a sense of inner peace... Really, think about it!.... (Insert pause here!).


This transformational multi-week online wellness workshop will empower you to optimize your overall health and well-being from day 1. 


What you get...


A One-on-One Wellness Consultation

An Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle Consultation OR 2 Follow-up Consultations

10 Lessons on Ayurvedic Daily Practices and Healthy Habit Changing Techniques

10 weekly Group Calls

Access to Members Only Group Support

2 One-on-One Personalized Laser Calls


The system is grounded in proven habit changing techniques, and traditional Ayurvedic and Yoga practices. When we combined these two factors with and a strong commitment to your Optimal-U, you will experience noticeable results, guaranteed !


This guided coaching series is being offered through LIVE weekly conference calls, online content, and one on one consultations. Because this program is offered LIVE online it doesn't matter where you are in the world, we are globally connected! 


The time has come to recognize your potential and take your wellness to the next level.


You will experience:


Better sleep

Healthier diet

Improved digestion

Lose weight

Reduced joint pain

Increased energy

Clearer thinking

Less stress

Better mood

Better Relationships



The next Optimal-U Health & Lifestyle Coaching session begins

January 2018

and I am only accepting 10 clients.

Space is LIMITED so don't hesitate!


Book your spot today by clicking the Book Appointment button below

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FREE One-on-One Wellness Consultation



A life with less pain, wake up feeling rested, tackle digestive and elimination discomfort like gas, bloating, and heartburn, have a clearer complexion, spend less time worrying and more time laughing and loving life. 


Contact me today and get started with your

NO OBLIGATION FREE One-on-One Wellness Consultation 

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Globally connected!

Online group and private service available

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Optimal-U Destination Retreat

 A Tropical Journey to Self-Discovery


Are you looking for a little adventure on your journey to self-discovery and wellness? Join me in beautiful Belize for a unique personalized Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Retreat. The program includes:


  • A personalized Ayurvedic assessment to determine your unique constitution and imbalances.
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Lifestyle workshops
  • Meditation practice and visualization exercises

Imagine yourself being kissed by the warm ocean air as you discover your authentic Self and optimize your well-being. The journey begins Spring 2018. This retreat is designed to be personal and intimate and as such only a limited number of spots are available. Contact me today to determine if this retreat is right for you.