Free Wellness Discovery Consultation

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Are you ready to scratch the surface of what is really standing in the way of you achieving your health and wellness goals? If you are curious about what a more conscious, more connected, more balanced YOU looks and feels like, click here to learn more about what a Free Wellness Discovery Consultation can reveal to you...



Initial Ayurvedic Assessment Consultation

The basic foundation


A personal Ayurvedic assessment is the foundation for transforming your daily life from one of struggling with aches and pains, to one of ease and vitality. Unique to you, click here for Ayurvedic Assessment Consultation details and reveal what your body type and lifestyle are desperately trying too share with you...



Health & Lifestyle Transformational Personalized Coaching

Take your life to the next level


Empower yourSelf to be YOUR OWN BEST HEALER! In this unique-to-you one-of-a-kind coaching package, you will greatly deepen your Self-awareness, address repressed and unresolved blockages, and automate healthy positive habits that will become the underlying driving force of your health and wellness that effortlessly last a lifetime. Take your life to the next level, and find out more about the Health & Lifestyle Transformational Personalized Coaching package here...



Health & Lifestyle Transformational Group Coaching


* Coming Soon


Get it ALL in this LIVE group coaching package, based on fundamental Ayurvedic daily practices and proven habit changing techniques. It will revolutionize every aspect of your life! It is a direct path from struggle to ease. Don't miss out on optimizing the rest of your life starting today! Find out more about the next Health & Lifestyle Transformational Group Coaching package here...



Yoga One-on-One & Semi-Private Classes

No Spandex Required!


The studio scene is not for everyone, I get that! Find out here if Yoga One-on-One is best for you...



Group Yoga Classes

Join the Group and Build Community!

*Group classes are not being offered at this time due to COVID-19 


Join me and other like-minded triblings for gentle yet challenging postures, meditation, and collective conscience practices in our Yoga Group Classes...



Transformational Destination Retreats

 A Tropical Journey to Self-Discovery


Are you looking for a get-away but know that a typical poolside vacation won't provide you with lasting peace in your mind or body? Join me in beautiful Belize for a unique personalized Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy Retreat that goes beyond an all inclusive temporary fix. Check out Transformational Destination Retreats here... 






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and Financial Scholarships available.

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Free Wellness Discovery Consultation