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What is a Transformational Life Coach?

A transformational life coach guides individuals in achieving personal growth, and self discovery, for a desire transformation. 


They empower individuals to create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. The coaching approach uses self-awareness as a foundational aspect to transform. Know Thy Self!


With a holistic approach, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life are simultaneously addressed. You are guided to set clear, inspiring and achievable goals. We will explore underlying beliefs, behaviours, and thought patterns that subconsciously influences your every decision. You will be supported and held accountable to the vision, objectives, and commitments you set for yourself.  


You will be provided with personalized guidance, effective tools and strategies to achieve the life transformation you are seeking. 


A transformational Life Coach is committed to helping individuals break free from limitations, unlock their potential, and living a more fulfilling and authentic life. 

What are Ayurveda and Yoga?

Ayurveda is a 5000 year old comprehensive holistic medical wellness system based on the natural cycles of life. Yoga is a mind-body practice of self-realization. Together they are a total mind, body, spirit system of wellness, the ultimate handbook to achieving easeful living in a modern day world. They are the necessary ingredients of a delicious recipe to self-fulfillment.


Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda is not a one size fits all prescription of wellness. Ayurveda describes each individual as unique in his or her biological and psychological make-up (Dosha), therefore requiring an equally unique health program for complete holistic wellness.  Ayurveda aims to promote overall well-being by balancing the doshas and addressing the root causes of illness. It is particularly effective in healing chronic illnesses using diet, lifestyle, and self-care as core focus for healing.


Yoga is a lifestyle tool used in Ayurveda. In our modern world we tend to look at Yoga as a form of exercise (asana). In actuality, it is a system of self-actualization that touches every aspect of life. For coaching purposes it is a tool that helps us to cultivate greater self-awareness through breath-body practices.  These practices have a direct impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being which is both immediate and deeply penetrating when practiced with regularity, and consistently over time. 


Any and all bodies can yoga! You do not need to be flexible. And you do not need to wear spandex ;) Yoga accepts you as you are, where you are. If you can breathe, you can Yoga. When you go beyond asana, every posture and movement, every breath, every thought provide insights and opportunity for healing. In this sense, yoga is used a therapeutic tool which has the likelihood of producing profound results. 

What is 


What are habit change techniques?

 The reason so many people fail to make lasting change in their lives, despite being highly motivated and fully committed, is because they are missing the How-To beyond mere mass information, good intention and desire. They lack the application method! Try making a recipe without knowing when and how to add the ingredients. The outcome, possible disaster, right?!


By applying straightforward proven habit transformation techniques to nature's life laws, you will make enduring holistic change that will reshape your mind, body and spirit, and offer you a fresh perspective on life,

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