The High Fives

What's in a name?...

High Five Yoga Health & Healing is built on fundamental Ayurvedic, Yogic, and Behaviour Transformation principles and philosophies.


'High' as defined as : great or greater than normal, in quantity, size or intensity / Very favourable.

'Five' (or Pancha in Sanskrit) is a recurring theme throughout Yoga and Ayurveda teachings.  


Here are a few examples:

The Five Great Elements

A fundamental principal of Ayurveda is that all matter is comprised of unique combinations of the 5 great elements of life (Pancha Mahabutas):

  • Space: an area available for manifestation and expansion
  • Air: movement
  • Fire: transformation
  • Water: fluidity
  • Earth: structure

The Five Points of Yoga

Swami Sivanada described Yoga and the journey to enlightenment in a five point philosophy:

  • Proper Exercise: Asana
  • Proper Breathing: Pranayama
  • Proper Diet
  • Proper Relaxation
  • Positive Thinking & Meditation: Vedanta & Dhyana 

The Five Layers of Being

Yoga describes the human mind-body experience as existing through five layers of being (Pancha Kosha), each one residing inside the other. For total well-being to occur each layer must be cared for.


The Food Body: Annamaya Kosha

The Breath Body: Pranamaya Kosha

The Mental/Emotional Body: Manomaya Kosha

The Intuitive Body: Vijnamaya Kosha

The Bliss Body: Anandamaya Kosha

High Five for

Habit Transformation!

When we offer a High Five to someone we are acknowledging and celebrating their successes and achievements. High Five Yoga Health & Healing strongly believes in the power of community as the most efficient and effective method of personal change. By tapping into the collective conscious of a positive community we ourselves become the powerful energy of the group.