Trainings and workshops

A holistic approach to understanding human behaviour

Designed for Individuals, and Businesses in the Helping Industry


Are you looking to up-level your skills in the helping industry?




Wether you are working with children, teenagers, adults or the elderly, in a school, group home, or hospital, or at home with a loved one, High Five Trainings and Workshops can help you and your staff to better understand your clients and their needs, in order to more efficiently and effectively assist them in their well-being. 


This service is customized to meet your needs as an individual or business. Whether you choose a 3-hour workshop or a full week of training, you will learn the techniques and principles of the High Five Transformation Methodology, so that you can more skillfully assess and address your own personal needs, the needs of your family, or your clients.


Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Cultivating Self-awareness
  • Principles of Ayurveda and doshic constitution
  • Yoga as therapy including asana, breathwork, and meditation practices
  • Exercises in Mindfulness 
  • Effective habit change techniques
  • Strategies for stress management 
  • Basics of nutrition that influence general health
  • Mental/emotional/spiritual impacts of nervous system regulation
  • Establishing a balanced lifestyle through daily routine for spontaneity!


 What you get...

  • One 30-60 minute online video consultation to assess your needs and formulate a training package
  • A personalized Training or Workshop Package
  • Online video or in person training or workshops
  • Written, audio, and/or video documentation 


If you are you ready to expand your skillset as a helping professional, Contact me today to discuss a personalized Training or Workshop Package suited to your needs, or schedule your Free Transformational Discovery Consultation now.


This service is right for you if...

You are in the helping industry and looking to better understand and serve your clients

You are an individual caring for a loved one, or yourself

You are a lifelong learner interested in broadening your understanding of human behaviour

You want to know more about Ayurveda, Yoga, and Habit Change as they relate to mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being

Your intuition brought you here today :)


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Online and in person options available