Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle Consultation

Wisdom of the Ages for Modern Times


If you are looking to dive deeper into discovering a healthy balanced life, consider a personalized Ayurveda Health & Lifestyle Consultation. Ayurveda is a life-system that supports overall optimal health, encompassing body, mind, and spirit, and puts YOU in the driver seat of your own well-being!


Based on traditional Eastern science and moulded to modern times, it demonstrates how living in accordance with the natural cycles of life (daily, seasonal, and biological rhythms) we can achieve a healthy body, clarity of mind, and an enlightened spirit.


Unlike modern medicine, it is not a one size fits all prescription of wellness. Ayurveda describes each individual as unique in his or her make-up (Dosha), therefore requiring an equally unique health program for complete holistic wellness.


What you get...

Extensive Questionnaire

60-90 minute In-depth one-on-one conversation

Personalized recommendation list of nutritional foods, body-mind practices, and daily lifestyle habits

On-going support as you implement your new healthy habits* 


To determine your Dosha we will begin your consultation with an in-depth conversation about your past and present physical characteristics, cognitive state, and lifestyle. By simply examining what you eat, your sleep patterns, and lifestyle choices, in relation to your unique make-up, you will then acquire all the information needed to identify the source of your imbalances.


You will be provided with a list of recommendations to get you started on your path to being 'dis-ease' free! The assessment and recommendations will help you develop self-awareness that taps into your innate cellular intelligence, ultimately empowering you to be your own wellness expert.


YOU have the power to heal yourself and maintain a healthy balance life. I can show you how!


Are you ready to start losing weight, getting better sleep, having less aches and pains? Contact me today to schedule your first life changing consultation.


This service is right for you if...

You want to be your own best health advisor

You want to eliminate chronic dis-ease

You want to lose weight

You want better sleep

Your spirit is calling out to you to take life to the next level!


Globally connected!

Online and in person options available

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