Transformational Desitnation Retreats

A Private Tropical Journey to Self Discovery

A Journey Through Your Senses to Awaken and Reveal Your True SELF


Are you looking for a little adventure on your journey to self-discovery and wellness?

Join me in a tropical location for a unique personalized Transformational Destination Retreat!  


Imagine yourself being kissed by the warm ocean air as you discover your authentic Self and optimize your well-being. This retreat is designed to be personal and intimate, completely based on your needs and wellness goals.

This is an ideal opportunity to tackle chronic illnesses at the source, specifically related to stress management, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, lack of clarity and concentration.


What you get...

  • All inclusive meals and accommodations for 3, 5, or 7 days 
  • One 90 minute Comprehensive Health Assessment consultation
  • Information on the basic principles of Ayurveda and how they pertain to your unique constitution
  • A personalized take-home dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendation list, including favourable foods, body-mind practices, and daily lifestyle habits
  • Daily Yoga, breathwork, and meditation practice
  • Lifestyle Workshops on nutrition, daily routine, breathing techniques, and body movement
  • Personal Coaching on how to implement healthy habits to effectively achieve and maintain your wellness goals
  • Daily Ayurvedic Massage


In this uniquely personalized retreat you will receive a full Ayurvedic Assessment that will form the basis of your body work, yoga, breathwork, meditation practices and coaching, completely tailored to YOUR current situation.  Each day will include breath and body movement practices that will directly target healing your discomforts and dis-eases. You will receive instruction and guidance specific to you, so that you will leave the retreat with a new perspective on how to better manage your health, all naturally, and on your terms.


 This service is right for you if...

You want a PRIVATE tailor-made retreat package in the comforts of a tropical location

You want to learn powerful techniques to up-level your health and well-being for life-long change

You want to understand the source of your imbalances

You are ready to heal from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, lack of clarity and concentration

You want diet, lifestyle, and daily habit practices that are uniquely recommended to you


Are you ready for a superior treatment experience, to get to know yourSelf on a deeper level, and take responsibility for your own health and well-being? Contact me today for more information or schedule your Free Transformational Discovery Consultation to start planning your private Transformational Destination Retreat now!


Service for 1-4 people