Class Descriptions

12 Postures

Increase flexibility of the spine and boost circulation in this gentle yoga class for all levels. Following the traditional Sivananda Yoga practice, we begin with a gentle warm up followed by Sun Salutations to loosen up the body before practicing 12 basic poses. In connection with the breath, this practice emphasizes concentration, reduces stress, and promotes a meditative state.


Good Morning Sunshine!

Start the day right with a total body, mind and spirit awakening that opens up energy channels through waking up the spine and tuning into your breath and senses. Feel refreshed and ready to take on the day with ease.


Ayurveda and Yoga Workshops

Connecting the ancient, time tested wisdom of Ayurveda with the physical and spiritual teachings of Yoga for a holistic wellness practice. We will begin with a brief discussion of daily practices to improve health, wellness and lifestyle, followed by a short yoga sequence, and meditation. These workshops will empower you to take your wellness into your own hands.


Full Moon Yoga & Releasing Meditation

The Full Moon is a powerful time of release and renewal. Tap into the cyclical cosmic energy that is a part of all living things, as we open up the mind, body and spirit with powerful creativity exercises, visualizations, journaling, dancing, Moon salutations and a guided meditations, and release everything that no longer serves you. (Date varies monthly)


New Moon Yoga & Intention Setting Meditation

The New Moon brings with it all the possibilities of new beginnings. Through Moon Salutations and guided meditation we will connect with this powerful energy and move your life forward, manifesting your deepest desires using the power of intention. (Date varies monthly)