Free Transformational Discovery Consultation

YOU want THIS!


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In this session we will take some time to get to know each other, dig a little deeper into which factors are currently negatively affecting your life, and begin to envision how a happier, more comfortable version of YOUR LIFE could look and feel. From there I will explain more about the High Five Transformational Methodology, and how it can help transform your life from struggle to ease. Lastly, we will discuss an appropriate course of action, tailor made to your needs, to get you started on your transformational journey. 


What you get...

  • One 30-60 minute online video consultation
  • A step towards discovering your True identity beyond mental, emotional, and/or spiritual distortion
  • Clarity on YOUR next steps to wellbeing


Are you ready to get to know yourSelf on a deeper level and take responsibility for your own health and well-being? Contact me today or Book Your Free Consultation to schedule your life changing consultation now.


This service is right for you if...

You want to be more Self-aware

You are curious about what working with a coach can do for your health and well-being

Your spirit is calling out to you to take life to the next level!


Globally connected!

Online and in person options available